Stay at home joinery, or “…please do something other than pace the floor like a caged wild thing….”, part 1 The secretaire desk

A bored designer/ builder makes a folding desk to keep busy during lockdown

Back in March, at the beginning of lock down (remember then), after the first few days of being forced to work from home I began to drive the family crazy.

Since we are a design and build firm the half work day is spent designing, sourcing and organizing from my desk, with the remainder spent visiting sites checking work, briefing the crew, and sometimes even making stuff for clients. I was missing building something, anything.

My partner in crime suggested that perhaps now I had the time I could actually make that desk that I had always promised, so we could have dedicated workspace for each of us.

This was an excellent idea…. It would keep me busy for a few days, and since unusually time was not of the essence, I could really take my time fiddling about getting details right.

We worked on the initial design together…. The most important thing was that it was to be in the corner of our knocked through living room, and in the sight of the sofa. So it had to be able to be a fold up type. And easily hidden from view…..the last thing we want is too see loads of clutter in an evening when work’s over and you’re busy wading through Netflix box sets.

It also needed to be very shallow, since it was next to a French door, and there was a very slim reveal… it could only be 90mm deep..

Inside wanted to be a complete contrast to the completely blank exterior. Lots of detail. Also able to hold papers… cards,  plans, swatches. We used joinery grade birch ply: partly because it has a lovely quality and contrast to the white, but also because we had a reasonable quantity of offcuts it in our basement left from various custom installs done over the last few months. Also when spending a bit of time on a project its is worth while using good quality materials, that will show off the design well. MDF would not do.

We spent a little while working out the correct height… it clearly could not be too big, or it would snag the French door…..too small and you can’t fit an A3 plan, laptop and cup of tea on it. Also the storage shelves or racks , which must be hidden need to actually do their job, and actually be of a useful size….has anyone else bought a designer deck tidy ever, only to find out that the drilled holes only hold the worlds thinnest pencil…not your favourite pen?

The fiddly cabinet fittings were delivered from SDS joinery fittings c/o  Royal Mail (thanks key workers). All that was needed was a couple of powerful rare earth magnets  to keep it closed and the fold flat drop flap hinge

Pretty pleased… only issue is instead of looking at the wall… now you are next to the window you spend more time staring out the window… perhaps you get more inspiration watching the clouds?

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