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Construction Process. For the last 5 years all our projects have been built by Northbuild Construction, a separate company, but whom we consider our partners in our work. We now work exclusively with each other.  Please view their website here.

Many of the builds RMC Design Studio and Northbuild Construction have been through together are shown below.


21 The Avenue
Muswell Hill, London
N10 2QE

020 8444 5431


      Smyrna Road before

     Smyrna Road after

      Danbury Road before

      Danbury Road after

      Smyrna Road before

     Smyrna Road after

      Dowsetts Lane, Essex. Before

      Dowsetts Lane, Essex. After

      Hampstead before

      Hampstead after

      Muswell Hill before

        Muswell Hill after

        Wanstead before

          Wanstead after