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Randolph Crescent, Little Venice. This flat had been the client’s family home for many years. No work had been done to it since the 1980’s, other than a kitchen update.

Again this was a rabbit warren of rooms, with no flow or interconnection. We wanted to create a vast open space in the heart of the flat’s layout, with bedrooms leading off this central hub.

Extensive structural work was required. As well as the steels that we knew we would have to insert we discovered that the work done during the 1980’s, when this huge terrace was converted to flats, was structurally unsound. This was remedied quickly and with little fuss.

To comply with regulations, and common sense, since the kitchen was in the heart of the living space and formed part of an open corridor, a fire screen was installed in the ceiling. In the event of an emergency this will drop down to enclose the kitchen, giving a clear line of escape.

In addition all floors were levelled, where they had dropped to a slant over the past hundred years or so, and soundproofing was installed in the floor.

Again, despite the client’s desire for the flat to be luxurious when finished, costs were controlled significantly by sensible use of materials and fittings, using a combination of bespoke with off the peg items.

As with all the projects shown here on our website our team did all aspects of the construction and fit out of this project.