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Lorne Gardens, E11. This was a complete refurbishment of the property, plus a loft and ground floor extensions. We were approached by the owners’ to come up with ideas to extend and modernize their home. They had lived there for 20 years, and had considered moving to a larger property, but they were also interested in looking at the possibility of re-designing the layout of their house. We worked on designs with them over a few months, and ultimately they decided that staying put was best for them!

The final chosen design was a complete re-configuration of the first floor, a loft extension and very small kitchen extension on the ground floor. Whilst this extension was very small, only 3m by 2.5m, it brought a huge amount of light into the previously dark kitchen, and provided the essential ‘views through’ to the garden from the front door. Of course in addition the functionality of the kitchen was vastly improved.

Opening up the stairwell from the ground up to the loft brought huge amounts of light into the heart of the property on all floors. The existing stairs were re-built to match the new solid oak and glass stairs up to the loft.

Extensive joinery was designed and installed by us, using bleached white oak and glass as materials. This project was carefully managed and executed by us, with the clients living in the property throughout the project, despite it being a complete re-working of all areas of the property. The build was started and finished in seven months.